About Me

Exploring castles and all-around adventuring

Exploring decaying castles and all-around adventuring

My name is Elizabeth Greiwe — you can call me Liz — and I’m the Voice of the People editor at the Chicago Tribune. I studied journalism and French at Loyola University Chicago.

If I’m not working or writing, I’ve got my nose in a book. I love to cook – especially while rocking out to a podcast. When I have the time (and money) I love to go biking, hiking or kayaking; anything that gets me outdoors and active. I’ll never turn down a scone and a cup of tea. Doritos will forever be my guiltiest pleasure.

I grew up in a river town 40 miles west of Chicago. It has one claim to fame: Mary Todd Lincoln stayed there after she had a mental breakdown. I also spent time studying abroad in Ireland, and I finished up some French classes in Provence during the summer of 2014. I know bit of Irish and French — neither of which does me much good in Chicago. In an effort to be more practical, I’m trying to learn Spanish.