As an intern for The MusicVox on Vocalo, I completed a short radio documentary. I wanted to learn more about music therapy, so I trekked out to the Institute for Therapy through the Arts in  Evanston to meet with a music therapist, a patient and the patient’s father. What resulted was a story that gave me hope for a little boy trying to find his own voice.

 I also wrote, recorded and produced weekly five-minute “New Album Release” segments that aired on the show. This one is from Dec. 12, 2012. I had a spot of a cold. 

The Vocalo Storytelling Workshop kicked off my career in radio. My mom and I dug through a box that once belonged to my Irish grandmother. It was full of letters, pictures and other scraps of family history. The story led to us booking a pair of tickets to return to Ireland in March of 2013, searching for more about where we came from.

CHIRP/Chicago Independent Radio Project

I volunteered for Chirp’s production team. Basically, I threw together a few promos and edited interviews to play over the online radio’s airwaves. Here’s an example of a promo I did for a festival featuring several bands at Bottom Lounge.


For a Writing for the Web class at Loyola, we were asked to do a piece for radio. I decided to follow up on my personal narrative from the Vocalo Storytelling Workshop. While traveling in Ireland, I carried around my recorder, occasionally trying to draw out snippets from my mom and aunt. We saw our castle, we drank Guinness, and we came closer to our ancestors — as well as each other. It also features my photography.