Since starting at the Chicago Tribune, I’ve written several commentary pieces and a few editorials. Anything is up for grabs, but I tend to gravitate toward women’s issues, tech and science. Some of my favorite pieces so far have been on things a bit more personal like Cuban cancer drugs, bagpipes and college graduation.

Commentary2016 beckons women into politics

Commentary: There’s space for improvement on the CTA — but not much else

Editorial: More sun might be all it takes to keep children’s eyes healthy

Editorial: With wearable tech, the gym of the future is no gym at all

Editorial: The kid-friendly, parent-friendly New Year’s Eve

Editorial: Will your privacy be compromised by Amazon Dash?

I spent a stint as the features editor of the Loyola Phoenix from May 2014 to December 2014. During my tenure, I had the chance to explore Rogers Park and the Loyola Community. Here are a few of my favorite pieces.

Homeless or not, he’s got the month of May*

Loyola dunes: The windswept waterfront

Meet Ken Golden: Arctic adventurer and mathematician

After Dark at Clarke’s

Loyola scientists leave their labs for their laptops

Pot Unpacked

*I won second place at ICPA for feature writing and

a mark of excellence award from SPJ for this piece

While working for Bluestem Communications, I wrote all the content for the Spring 2013 newsletter.

Here are a couple articles I wrote for the Loyola Phoenix before 2014. They’re no longer on the website, so please view the PDFs.